One of the most beautiful fruits in summer is apricot

We have a chance to consume four seasons by drying this fruit which is abundant in our country for the other months. Not only the meat, but also the kernel does not end up counting the benefits of the fruit.

While oil is used to moisturize the skin and prevent cracks in the cosmetics field, it is essential for healthier eyes and skin, while dryness is effective in regulating the digestive system and preventing muscle cramps.

The apricot, which gives a feeling of satiety with a high amount of p … it is separated from the other fruits by increasing the operation of the intestines by a special compound only found in apricots and plums.

Apricot containing beta-carotene in the form of beta-carotene, strengthens the immunity against diseases, provides a firmer and healthier skin and helps to maintain eye health. At the same time, it is a strong antioxidant, delaying the effects of aging and protecting cardiovascular health against inflammation.

Particularly, potassium is a good source of potassium. This reduces muscle cramps, allows the heart to work better, and has positive effects on hypertension. Because of this content, it should be preferred in these months that we suffer from water and mineral loss by sweating very much due to extreme heat.

It strengthens the immune system and plays an antioxidant role and it gives vitality to the metabolism and protects the health of the mouth and gums with the content of vitamin C which is more intense in fresh apricots.

What should be Considered When Taking Apricots?

– Darker ones contain more intense vitamins.
– avoid strongly from chemical apricots applied with sulfur
Because it is a very delicate fruit, it should be selected from the unmolten ones and kept in a cool place, it should be consumed as soon as possible.
– If you want to eat fruit with a lower sugar content, the latter must be purchased from the unexpected or the raw ones in the next period.

Dried apricots that are dried by natural methods called sunflower should be preferred instead of drying dried apricots by stabilizing the color with sulfur which causes excessive toxicity.

– Dry apricots should be taken into consideration again. Dry fruits with a moisture content of over 20% are very likely to have mold and deterioration. Benefits of Kuru Kayısın:
As dried apricot is generally beneficial for health, but we can summarize its benefits as an extract:

Dried apricot producers can help to reduce fever, it is mixed with some water and honey and it can be applied to the head part as a massage from the outside.
Dry apricot helps to treat the digestive system by acting as a light laxative to remove unwanted wastes.

He regulates his heartbeat. It also regulates muscle functions because it contains potassium in the Rich Quantity.
Observations are beneficial, they provide good vision, blind eye membranes.
It has the ability to make hemoglobin.

It is effective against asthma disease and provides relief.
It may prevent blood clotting.

Muscle makes it easier to remove excess fat from the muscles.

Source: dried apricot turkey